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A collection of Michigan wildlife photos by Michigan Nut Photography
Goldfinch in the PinesFemale Oriole in rural MichiganBlack Capped Chickadee on a snowy dayDark Eyed JuncoTufted Titmouse on a snowy pine treeRedpoll in the snowy pinesFemale Rose-Breasted GrosbeakTufted Titmouse on snowy pine branchesRose Brested Grosbeak-Rural Michigan SpringWhite Breasted SparrowBlue Jay on a sunny dayBrown-headed CowbirdBrown ThrasherCardinal in snowy pinesGray Catbird in rural MichiganMama Red Fox in rural MichiganRed belly woodpecker on a dead oakEastern TowheeFemale Eastern TowheeGoldfinch in the snow

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