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A collection of photos taken in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore by Michigan Nut Photography
Chapel Falls and Chapel Rock, Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreFall colors at Grand Portal Point, Pictured RocksCave in Miners Castle Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreMiners Beach SundownChapel Falls at Chapel RockSundown at Miners BeachTwilight at Miners BeachMiners Castle Cave, Pictured RocksGrand Portal Point, Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreBridge over Chapel River, Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreChapel Rock, Pictured Rocks Autumn"Dead Calm"  Lake Superior near Munising, MILake Superior stones at Twelvilemile Beach, Pictured RocksTrilliums in bloom at Pictured Rocks National LakeshorePaddle Boarders under Lovers Leap, Pictured Rocks National LakeshorePeaceful Sunset at Miners Beach.A spring breeze at Twelvemile BeachGrand Sable Dunes SunriseLovers Leap Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreTwilight at Miners Beach-Pictured Rocks

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