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A collection of Michigan night sky and northern lights photos by Michigan Nut Photography
Oqueoc Falls Under the StarsFishtown-Christmas day in Leland MichiganNew Presque Isle Lighthouse Milky WayNorthern Lights dancing in the sky at Point Betsie Lighthouse  (Night Skies Gallery )Detour Reef Lighthouse-Blu Hour"Aurora in the Moonlight"  Eagle Harbor LighthouseMoonlit Night at Elliot Falls-Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreMoonlit Night at Elliot Falls-Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore-native aspectNorthern Lights over Lake of the Clouds, Porcupine MountainsMilky Way Meteor Shower - Au Sable Point Lighthouse Pictured Rocks National lakeshore"Guiding Light"  Frankfort, MichiganNight Lights a the Tridge - Midland, Michigan"Twilight Fog" Mackinac Bridge"Fridgid Light"  St Joseph Lighthouse encased in ice under the stars"Midnight Light"  Frankfort, MIchigan Lighthouse under the starsMarl Lake Milky WayNorthern Lights at Point Betise Lighthouse on a moonlit nightDancing Lights at D.H Day BarnOld Barn and the Milky WayMilky Way over Tahquamenon Falls

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