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" Diamonds of Light"   Lake Superior, Copper Harbor, MichiganAutumn sunrise at Tahquamenon FallsTrilliums in bloom at Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreBlack Rocks Cave, Presque Isle Park, MarquetteTwelvemile Beach Pictured Rocks National LakehsoreMouth of the Hurrican River Sunset at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore"Mighty Mac in the Moonlight"Bass Lake Outlet Sunset on Lake MichiganGrand Island Ice Cave SunriseLittle Presque Sunrise-Lake SuperiorLake Superior, over and under. Copper Harbor, Michigan.Northern Lights-Miners Beach Overlook"Purely Superior"  Lake Superior, Copper Harbor, Michigan"Ribbons of Light" - Hunters Point"Superior Blue" Lake Superior, Copper Harbor, Michigan.Placid Lake Superior waters, Upper Michigan"Big Lake Blues"  Lake Superior, Copper Harbor, Michigan"Shimmering Sunlight", Lake Superior, Copper Harbor, MichiganLake of The Clouds-Firey SunriseMirror of Superior-Lake Superior-Copper Harbor

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