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Lake of The Clouds-Firey SunriseMackinac Bridge Sunset-St. IgnaceVivid autumn leaves frame a birch tree - Keweenaw PeninsulaWindy sunrise at Point BetsieBrockway Mountain Sunset, autumn in the KeweenawLarge waves rolling in near Copper Harbor, Lake SuperiorA calming sunset at Paradise-Lake Superior-Upper Michigan-VerticalUnion Bay, sunrise in Porcupine Mountains State parkBrockway Mountain ribbons of light-verticalNorthern Lights-Miners Beach OverlookBrockway Mountain ribbons of light"Mighty Mac in the Moonlight"Union Bay Sunrise, Porcupine Mountains, Lake SuperiorNorthern Lights over Miners Castle, Pictured RocksBlack Rocks Cave, Presque Isle Park, MarquetteChiseled rock, autumn at Upper Bond FallsSandstone sunrise-Lake SuperiorAutumn sunrise at Tahquamenon FallsMouth of the Hurrican River Sunset at Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreNorthern Lights-Miners Beach-Pictured Rocks

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