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Recent photos taken by Michigan Nut Photography
Presque Isle River Footbridge, Porcupine MountainsMorgan Falls, Snowy ConifersBarred Owl-Winter in MichiganEast Jordan River-Winter-verticalScenic Highway 41 Fall Colors-Keweenaw PeninsulaBrockway Mountain ribbons of light-verticalBrockway Mountain ribbons of lightBrockway Mountain Sunset, autumn in the KeweenawSoft light at sunset, Brockway Mountain Keweenaw PeninsulaVivid autumn leaves frame a birch tree - Keweenaw PeninsulaUnion Bay, sunrise in Porcupine Mountains State parkUnion Bay Sunrise-Porcupine Mountains State ParkUnion Bay Sunrise, Porcupine Mountains, Lake SuperiorChiseled rock, autumn at Upper Bond FallsUpper Bond Falls Autumn splendorLarge waves rolling in near Copper Harbor, Lake SuperiorSandstone sunrise-Lake Superior"McCarty's Cove", Marquette Harbor Lighthouse Sunrise PinesHidden Cave with photographer included in imageHidden Lake Superior Cave

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