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Recent photos taken by Michigan Nut Photography
Grand Haven Ligjthouse Winter TwilightGrand Haven Lighthouse icy splashesBlack Capped Chickadee on a snowy dayGoldfinch in the snowTufted Titmouse on snowy pine branchesDove in a TreeDark Eyed JuncoRedpoll in the snowGoldfinch in the PinesGrand Haven Lighthouse, Fiery  Winter  bluerTufted Titmouse on a snowy pine treeBlack Capped ChickideeRedpoll in the snowy pinesCardinal in snowy pinesWhitefish Point Lighthouse-Rusty ChainSnow covered spruce in Michigan"Freezing Sunrise"  St. Joseph Lighthouse"Frozen Light" St. Joseph Northpier Lighthouse, St. Joseph, MichiganSouth Manitou Island LighthouseGeese on a snowy pond

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