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Grand Haven Lighthouse stormGrand Haven Lighthouse Storm , Huge waves crashing"Lighthouse Dawn" Point Betsie Lighthouse, Lake Michigan"Natures Spotlight" St. Joseph Lighthouse - St. Joseph, Michigan"Winds of change" Point Betsie LighthouseManistee Lighthouse Storm"October Gale" Grand Haven lighthouse, Grand Haven Michigan"September Gale"  Eagle Harbor Lighthouse - Eagle Harbor, Michigan"Breaking Dawn" - Point Betsie Lighthouse - Crystallia, MichiganSt. Joseph  Lighthouse, St. Joseph, MichiganEagle Harbor Lighthouse Gale , 60mph gustsSt. Joseph Lighthouse on iceGrand Haven Lighthouse Storm"Fall Fury' St. Joseph Lighthouse, St. Joseph , Michigan"Gnarly Ice"   St. Joseph Lighthouse |St. Joseph, Michigan"Wicked Wind"  St. Joseph Lighthouse - St. Joseph , Michigan USA"Winds of Change" Point Betsie Lighthouse - Crystallia , MichiganGrand Haven Lighthouse , Grand Haven Michigan"Splash"  St. Joseph Lighthouse - St. Joseph, MichiganPoint Betsie Lighthouse, Lake Michigan

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