Framed Print example white outer mat smoke gray inner matFramed Print example white outer mat smoke gray inner mat


Framed Print Options

If you're interested in ordering framed prints for your home or office we can help you with choosing good color combinations. Just let us know which photo(s) you're interested in from my galleries, and which mat colors you like from the chart below, and we will send a mock-up of that combination for you to view. We will also quote you the total price including shipping.

Click the heart above the photo in our galleries to send your selection to us. You can also leave a note at that time with the mat colors you like.

mat colorsmat colors


You can order framed prints without a mat, with a single mat, or double matted like the example photo above to show a color reveal.  Prints are mounted on 1/4" foam board before framing. Acrylic is added to protect the front of the print. Backs are finished with black paper backing and a wire hanger.