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Northern Lights dancing in the sky at Point Betsie Lighthouse  (Night Skies Gallery )"Aurora in the Moonlight"  Eagle Harbor LighthouseNight Lights a the Tridge - Midland, MichiganMilky Way Meteor Shower - Au Sable Point Lighthouse Pictured Rocks National lakeshore"Guiding Light"  Frankfort, Michigan"Twilight Fog" Mackinac Bridge"Fridgid Light"  St Joseph Lighthouse encased in ice under the stars"Midnight Light"  Frankfort, MIchigan Lighthouse under the starsMarl Lake Milky WayNorthern Lights at Point Betise Lighthouse on a moonlit nightDancing Lights at D.H Day BarnOld Barn and the Milky WayMilky Way over Tahquamenon FallsNorthern Lights-Brockway Mountain,Keweenaw PeninsulaNorthern Lights-Brockway Mountain-MichiganHistoric "Fishtown" Leland, MichiganNorthern Lights at the D.H Day BarnMoonlight on the "Mighty Mac"Milky Way Galaxy above Tahquamenon Falls"Steve" Proton Arc Vestaburg Michigan

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