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Michigan Nature Photography, prints and canvas for the home and office by John McCormick. Michigan lighthouse photography, waterfalls, Landscapes. Simple Royalty-Free Stock Photos and personal use downloads.

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Guestbook for Michigan Nut Photography
62.DE Williams(non-registered)
Love your work! You've inspired me to move back to Michigan to paint and photograph. Grew up in Monroe, left in '73 and have traveled to 49 states and lived in 16. By far Michigan is still the most beautiful and nothing, nowhere beats a Michigan summer and fall.
61.Ronald Reck(non-registered)
Super talented photographic artist. Love your work and Michigan passion. My career as a commercial photographer spans 30 plus years (retired now). I hope I can spot a great talent. Your choice of subject matter is superb and the quality of your images are award winning. Thanks for capturing Michigan in such a beautiful fashion, and for showing the rest of the world what a landscape wonder we live in.
60.Ruth Shelby(non-registered)
Hi John. I'm a trans-planted Michigander (onto California soil) I see your lighthouse photos a lot. A friend posts them on his Facebook page. I wanted to tell you how beautiful they are and that so many of them look like paintings. You give them a certain quality, a certain light that mimics paintings. (I hope this isn't an insult to photographers) I'm a Big Red former neighbor, but that one isn't my favorite. It's your Point Betsie lighthouses that blow me away. And I never knew what happens to St. Joseph lighthouse in the winter. We always lived in Grand Rapids during the school year. It is a dancing ice-fairy - or maybe a cake with intricate frosting. Anyway, I love your photos of it frozen. I'm happy for you that you are so successful. As an amateur-photographer myself, I know the joy that comes with creating a masterpiece. I hope you continue until you are 99 years old. (At 100 years old, we get to put down our loads)
Ruth Shelby
The contrast between foreground and background is simply amazing, especially with those beautiful horses :-) I really like the vibrant colors of Mackinac Island as well. Nice job -- Matthew Kendrick
From what I have seen I am pretty sure that your works are appreciated by a lot of people and must declare myself a huge fan from this moment. Absolutely stunning pictures, the edit are neat and precise. Just what the doctor ordered.
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